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Lakeside Lines: The Railroad

The Lakeside Lines is a Virginia based coal hauler set in the year 1979.  The big mergers are still ahead, GP9's are still in service, cabooses are required by law  on every train.

The Lakeside Lines was planned to be as close to real as possible.  Curves were to be measured in degrees, and be large enough to exist on the prototype;  switches were to be long enough for real locomotives to get through; the lengths of yard tracks and sidings were scaled directly from full sized examples, and able to hold prototype length trains.  The idea was to make no compromises.

The only way to make the Lakeside Lines completely right was to freelance.  By freelancing, I can argue that every thing is exactly the correct size, and in exactly the correct place.  However, to be convincing, the railroad mirrors the common practices of the Chesapeake & Ohio and Norfolk & Western systems whenever possible.

Lakeside Lines: The Model

In the real world, we only experience one place at a time.  When real locations are scaled down exactly as HO scale models, they tend to occupy extremely large spaces.  Because of this I decided to use my entire basement to model just one piece of the Lakeside Lines System, the yard at North Franklin, West Virginia.

I have over this past year embarked on a project which removes most of the yard and replaces it with double track main line and a few industries.  A small portion of the old West Yard at Riverside will be retained, as operation sessions have shown it remains useful in switching the town.   From Riverside on the railroad will remain much as it has been excepting the passing siding has been upgraded to a second main.  You can follow the changes in photos as they progress from east to west in the photo section here, I update it as areas near scenic completion.

A large portion of the basement is devoted to behind the scenes staging.  There are 25 double ended storage tracks for main-line trains, and 3 stub ended tracks for use by  Covington Branch trains.  There  is more track devoted to staging than visible railroad.

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