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Luke Hammond switching the East Yard.

Rob Fisher tying onto Train 115.

Charlie Venable checks his coupling.

George Stevens at the West Yard.

Charlie Goetzinger at North Franklin, WV.

Joe Shaw works a cut up the Drill Track.

Dan Mulhearn blocking Train 112 East.

Bob McCracken conducts for Brian Bond.

Rob takes Train 115 up the Turkey Trot.

Tom Harris at the High Bridge.

Jerry watches Luke switch the East Yard.

Joe classifying cars in the West Yard.

Dave Meashey working as conductor.

Dan Mulhearn uncouples his cut of cars.

Train 124 picking its way across the yard.

Brad Dobbins at the West Yard.

Who makes these stupid switch lists?

Rob watches the Turn from Harrisonburg.

Jerry, Rob, and Charlie discuss a move.

"Jerry and Keith, this is a throttle."

Steve Robbins works the main line.

Kellie Massey waits for clearance.

Bob McCracken supervises Luke.

Brian shoves a cut into the Setout Track.

Steve notices a meet is about to occur.

Mark Spraker, engineer for Dave Meashey

Steve observes Train #51 at High Bridge.

Luke and Bob work the main line.

Charlie Goetzinger as acting Yardmaster.

Jerry takes a break while the crew works.

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