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Operate Lakeside Lines HO scale cars on your Layout

I need to add about 100 50 foot boxcars to the railroad.  I have had Athearn produce a special run of Pullman Standard 5277 outside braced modern boxcars to fill my needs.  The cars are Ready-to-Run with separately applied grabs and details.  Athearn's minimum order quantity for a special run is 500 cars, so, even  after saving a few for gifts to regular operators, I will have nearly 400 extra cars once they have been produced.  I will sell these cars, first come, first serve, for $24.00 each plus $5.00 per order to cover shipping within the United States.  Please email me before ordering to discuss shipping costs if you live outside of the United States.

Photo of the Athearn produced Lakeside Lines 50' Boxcar.


Lakeside Lines PS5277 50' Boxcar



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